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An arrest for drunk driving can turn your life upside down. Not only can a full array of criminal punishments and administrative penalties be imposed, but an arrest for drunk driving can also have serious implications for legal, medical and other professional licenses.

If you use a vehicle to get to work, or if your vehicle is your work, license suspensions associated with drunk driving can be very punitive. In fact, administrative license suspensions for drunk driving in Indiana range from 180 days, to two years, to life.

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Navigating the Complexities of DUI Cases with Skill & Knowledge

At the Law Office of John Alt, I have represented hundreds of individuals charged with drunk driving offenses, and I am not afraid to litigate a case to trial. If you are charged with OWI/DUI (operating a vehicle while intoxicated/driving under the influence), it is imperative you immediately contact an experienced drunk driving defense attorney like me.

Based on the unique facts of your case, I can challenge the legality of your OWI/DUI arrest on one or more legal grounds, including:

  • Did the police have a legal basis to stop your vehicle?
  • Did the police have sufficient probable cause to suspect you were drunk?
  • Did the police have probable cause to arrest you for OWI?
  • Was the alcohol concentration test (breath, blood or urine) accurate?
  • Did the police improperly consider your conduct a refusal to test?


In addition to challenging your drunk driving case in criminal court, I can help you challenge the administrative revocation of your driver's license. As an experience Indianapolis DUI Attorney, I can also help you get a probationary license so you can drive again.

Even a Minor Traffic Offense Case Deserves a DUI Lawyer

Were you pulled over in your vehicle for no legitimate reason? Did your vehicle really have a taillight that wasn't working? Maybe you suspect racial profiling. Although it is sad to think, profiling and discrimination by police still occur in this day and age, it is a fact of life. Often these trumped-up allegations have no basis in law or fact, and are merely a means to punish upstanding folks who work hard to make a living for their families.

These specious traffic offenses often result in license suspension or revocation. At the Law Office of John Alt, I understand that a valid license is often vital to securing and maintaining valid employment. For many Indiana families, the loss of a valid driver's license jeopardizes their ability to put food on the table.

What I Can Do For You:

  • If you are charged with a traffic offense, I will review your driving record to see what must be done for you to secure valid driving privileges.
  • Depending on your unique situation, I may be able to secure specialized driving privileges or have license reinstatement fees waived by the court.

If your license is suspended, it is important to take action. Too many people with repeat DUI or traffic offenses fail to clear up their licenses and end up being declared a habitual traffic violator (HTV). Driving as an HTV can result in a lifetime suspension of your driver's license and imprisonment for up to six years.

For experience defense in Indianapolis, contact me at (317) 268-5788 for a free consultation. As a Indianapolis DUI lawyer, I am committed to providing you with the counsel you need.

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