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Whether you are charged with narcotics trafficking or narcotics possession, the Law Office of John Alt has the experience to effectively fight for your rights and successfully litigate your drug case. With over 20 years of experience in the criminal justice system, 12 of which were spent as a superior court magistrate judge, I am an Indianapolis drug offense lawyer who knows how to get things done correctly.

Under Indiana law, those convicted of felony narcotic offenses can face an array of strict and harsh penalties that could result in years spent on paper with the Indiana Department of Correction.

Even simple drug possession cases can carry a wide array of penalties, including: 

  • Incarceration
  • Community corrections
  • Years of probation
  • Thousands of dollars in fines and costs
  • Multiyear license suspensions.

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Aggressively Challenging the Legality of the Charges Against You

I know how to fight the drug charges brought against you. I have seen what works and what doesn't. Based on the individualized facts of your case, I will mount an aggressive defense that attacks the legal infirmities of the evidence collected against you and dismantles the prosecutor's case from the inside.

Whether we decide to argue that evidence should be suppressed or choose to dispute particular testimony, I will pursue the best course of action to defend your case.

A few of the defenses I can argue on your behalf include:

  • Lack of possession — The evidence fails to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that you, as opposed to someone else, possessed the controlled substance.
  • Unwitting possession — The drugs were left on your person, in your vehicle or among your possessions without your knowledge or consent.
  • Fourth Amendment violations — The police violated your constitutional right against unlawful searches and seizures, and thus the evidence against you must be suppressed.
  • Entrapment — The government induced you to commit the crime, and you were not otherwise predisposed to commit the crime.
  • Crime lab mistakes — The lab misanalyzed the drugs, failed to follow proper procedure, cross-contaminated samples or falsified test results.

Providing Strong Representation to Indianapolis Drug Defendants

I have successfully represented clients charged with both misdemeanor- and felony-level drug offenses, and have gone to trial on hundreds of occasions. From major felonies such as trafficking and school zone enhancement offenses, to lower level felonies such as possessing less than 3 grams of cocaine or meth, to misdemeanor offenses such as possessing marijuana or drug paraphernalia, I provide aggressive, knowledgeable legal representation in drug cases.

A person charged with a drug crime needs an experienced trial attorney at their side. I have thousands of drug cases under my belt and will work closely with you to bring about the best practicable resolution to your case.

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