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Indianapolis Post-Sentencing Relief

What is Post-Sentencing Relief?

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Have you been accused of violating the terms of your sentence? What if your probation officer alleges you disobeyed an order of the court, even if you didn't? Need to clear a charge from your record?

If you have been found in violation of your sentence or probation, the state of Indiana will likely summon you back to court to punish you further. And the ramifications for the alleged violation can be even more serious than the punishment that was originally imposed.

The Law Office of John Alt can help you get the post-sentencing relief you need by defending your rights and protecting your interests.

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Post-Sentencing Issues

Attorney John Alt aggressively represents his clients' interests in a wide range of post-sentencing matters, including:

Probation Violations in Indiana

Judges do not take probation violations lightly. If the probation department has filed a violation notice with the court, the judge may issue a warrant or an order to appear for a probation violation hearing.

Common probation violations punishments include:

  • More frequent drug tests and/or check-ins
  • New counseling requirements
  • Longer probation
  • Wearing an ankle monitor
  • Possible bond restrictions
  • Added jail time
  • A return to prison

If a probation violation has been filed against you, it is very important that you have excellent legal representation. At the Law Office of John Alt, our Indianapolis probation violation attorney has personally been involved in thousands of probation violation hearings. Attorney Alt will work with you and your probation officer on a plan to bring your probation into compliance and advocate that the judge continue your probation without additional sanctions.

Community Corrections Violations in Indiana

The courts take community corrections violations extremely seriously. Work release, GPS and home detention violations can result in immediate incarceration. If you are in violation of your community corrections, it is imperative you immediately contact an attorney.

Sentence Modifications in Indiana

While some offenses are not eligible for modification, if an individual has productively used their Department of Correction time to improve themselves and has a well-thought-out plan for success, they may be able to obtain a sentence modification.

The most common sentence modification is a change of placement. For instance, an individual incarcerated in the Indiana Department of Correction may petition the trial judge to allow them to serve the remainder of their sentence at community corrections work release or home detention. Attorney Alt has the necessary knowledge and experience in these matters and knows when a motion for modification can result in an immediate change of placement.

Expungements in Indiana

A criminal record can destroy one's life. A youthful mistake can turn into a lifetime of denied job opportunities because of having to "check the box."

Having a criminal conviction on your record can affect:

  • Job eligibility
  • Housing
  • Eligibility for government benefits
  • Educational financial aid.

In recent years, specific laws have been passed making more individuals eligible for an expungement in Indiana. However, not all offenses are eligible for expungement and waiting periods apply. Attorney Alt will help you navigate the complexities of the Indiana expungement law.

What Does it Mean to Expunge a Criminal Record?

To expunge a criminal record means that criminal conviction case is reopened and sealed from the eyes of the law. In short, the prior criminal conviction is set aside or erased from the individual's criminal record in most instances.

How Long Does Expungement Take in Indiana?

An expungement may take approximately between 30 - 180 days. This is an average time frame, some expungements may be granted in a shorter amount of time or may take longer since there any so many factors to a case.

Accused of a Violation?

One of the biggest mistakes a defendant can make is to admit to the violation at their first court appearance. They get intimidated by the situation, the prosecutor, or the judge and make the mistake of thinking that quickly admitting to the violation is the easiest way to get through the process unscathed.

Admitting to any post-sentencing violation without an attorney is not in your best interest. Attorney John Alt has the experience and tough-as-nails attitude to challenge alleged post-sentencing violations. He is committed to analyzing the evidence against you and works tirelessly to get the violation dismissed outright, or the threatened consequences reduced to a more manageable level.

Seeking an expungement? At the Law Office of John Alt our Indianapolis expungement attorney can help with a variety of post-sentencing matters. Contact us today at (317) 268-5788 to schedule your consultation.

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