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Confident Handling Of Expungements In Indiana

A criminal record can destroy one’s life. A youthful mistake can turn into a lifetime of denied job opportunities because of having to “check the box.” Having a criminal conviction on your record can affect:

  • Job eligibility
  • Housing
  • Eligibility for government benefits
  • Educational financial aid

In recent years, specific laws have been passed making more individuals eligible for an expungement in Indiana. However, not all offenses are eligible for expungement and waiting periods apply. At The Law Office of John Alt, I will help you navigate the complexities of the Indiana expungement law. I am a former superior court magistrate judge who has over 20 years of handling expungement and other criminal cases.

What Does It Mean To Expunge A Criminal Record?

To expunge a criminal record means that a criminal conviction case is reopened and sealed from the eyes of the law. In short, the prior criminal conviction is set aside or erased from the individual’s criminal record in most instances.

How Long Does Expungement Take In Indiana?

An expungement may take approximately between 30-180 days. This is an average time frame, some expungements may be granted in a shorter amount of time or may take longer since there any so many factors to a case.

Not All Criminal Records Are Eligible For Expungement

It is important to not that not all convictions may be expunged from your record. The more serious the crime, the more severe the conviction, the less chance there is that it can be expunged. However, you will not know until we review your situation and petition the court.

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