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Meet Attorney And Former Magistrate Judge John Stephen Alt

I am John Stephen Alt – an Indianapolis defense attorney, a proponent of the rights of black Americans and a fighter for truth, justice and client’s liberties. My background and experience are unique. I have been a magistrate judge and a special assistant to congresswoman Julia Carson and am now a criminal defense lawyer fighting for the constitutional rights of people just like you.

I have handled thousands of cases as a trial court attorney and thousands more as a magistrate judge. Working with you, I am determined to bring about a fair and just resolution to your case and provide you with the first-rate and tough-as-nails legal representation you deserve. Please know your case is as important to me as it is to you, and I refuse to be outmaneuvered, outhustled or outworked.

Trust Me To Get The Job Done

With over 20 years of legal and criminal defense experience, I have seen it all and have the experience necessary to aggressively defend your criminal case. I know how to fight tooth and nail to secure a favorable resolution in your case. I firmly believe it is time for the criminal justice system to be reminded that the presumption is “innocent until proven guilty” and not the other way around.

Fighting For Justice And Representing Your Interests

Before being appointed a magistrate judge in 2003, I represented individuals charged with felony and misdemeanor charges and went to trial on hundreds of occasions. I successfully represented defendants charged with major felonies, lower-level felonies and misdemeanor offenses.

I also had the privilege of working for U.S. Congresswoman Julia Carson. Congresswoman Carson was never afraid to speak truth to power and fight for justice. As an attorney and former magistrate judge, I believe the criminal justice system is broken and too often an instrument of injustice. No matter the color of your skin, your gender or ethnicity, I will fight for justice, speak truth to power and provide you with the top-notch representation you deserve.

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