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Protecting Your Rights from Illegal Searches and Seizures

If you have ever watched the show COPS you have likely seen the police repeatedly violate the Constitutional rights of individuals. The police routinely and illegally search homes and cars without warrants and interrogate individuals without first providing Miranda warnings.Unfortunately, illegal and unlawful searches and seizures are as common in the real world as they are on TV. Privacy and individual rights are under attack like never before. With advances in technology, the police have shown an insatiable appetite for searching phones, computers, tablets, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

If you have a criminal case, it is critical to hire an experienced lawyer who will fearlessly protect your Constitutional rights. We know that searches and seizures without a warrant violate the 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution and Article I Section XI of the Indiana Constitution unless the government can prove the search or seizure falls into one of the narrow, delineated exceptions to the warrant requirement.

Importantly, if the Court finds that the police violated your Constitutional rights, the Court may exclude the State from introducing evidence found during an illegal search or seizure at trial. This often results in the State dismissing the case!

We have the experience you need. We handle, among others:

  • Illegal traffic stops
  • Unreasonable seizures of your person
  • Improper pat-down searches
  • Unlawful searches of homes and automobiles.
  • Impermissible custodial interrogations.
  • Warrantless phone searches
  • Unreasonable dog-sniff searches
  • Unlawful trash searches
  • Unconstitutional probation searches
  • False consent case searches
  • Illegal search incident to arrest searches
  • Impermissible inventory searches.

The bottom line is that there are rules regarding searches and seizures that the police are required to follow, and that failure to do so can result in the exclusion of evidence. We examine every case to ensure the police did not violate your rights.

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