How fast does your BAC go down?

The rate at which blood alcohol concentration (BAC) decreases in the human body can vary based on several factors. These include an individual's metabolism, the amount and type of alcohol consumed, the person’s body weight, age, gender and overall health. However, on...

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Indiana Has Harsh Penalties for Repeat Drunk Drivers — We can Help Keep You on the Road!

If this is a second DUI charge: Here is what you need to know: Under Indiana Law, a second DUI conviction carries a mandatory 5 days in jail or 340 hours of Community Service Work. This penalty is imposed regardless of how much time has transpired from the prior DUI convictions. If the second DUI charge occurred within 7 years of the…

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Field Sobriety Tests and Your Legal Rights

Imagine driving home from Friday happy hour when you see red and blue lights in your rear view mirror. A police officer is pulling you over. If the officer suspects that you have been drinking, he might ask you perform a field test. These tasks usually help officers determine if a driver is too intoxicated to drive. As the officer…

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