Drug Offenses

What Should You Do If You Have a Missed, Diluted, or Positive Drug Screen While on Probation?

Drug testing is a standard condition of probation in Indiana. If you have even a single missed, diluted, or positive drug screen, your probation officer can file a probation violation with the Court. If a probation violation is filed, it is critically important that you call our office. In Marion County, probationers are required to call a drug line every…

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Marijuana Users Under Attack in Indiana!

As you probably know, marijuana is still illegal in Indiana. Every day Prosecutors across the State delight in sending marijuana users to jail. Hundreds upon hundreds of hard-working Hoosiers have their permanent criminal histories stained with marijuana convictions. A marijuana conviction can literally ruin your life. Indiana’s Governor, Legislature, and law enforcement agencies have vehemently opposed marijuana legalization. This, despite…

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What Happens in Indiana If Caught with a Tiny Bit of Marijuana?

From Parkinson’s to cancer patients, medical marijuana use is on the rise. You may be considering using it to treat your symptoms, but you’re wondering what the consequences are if you get caught. Does Indiana prosecute heavily if I get caught with a small amount of marijuana? Are there any plans to legalize it? Do the penalties change depending on…

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