Criminal Defense

What are Miranda rights?

Miranda rights are a crucial component of the legal process in the United States. They safeguard an individual's constitutional rights during police interactions. These rights protect individuals against self-incrimination and ensure their right to an attorney. ...

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A Probation Violation Can Get You Locked Up

A probation violation can carry some severe consequences. Every day hundreds of people find themselves in jail on a probation violation. Worse, they do so without having a lawyer with the experience and know-how to defend them at a probation violation hearing. A probation violation is initiated by the Probation Violation filing a Notice of Probation Violation with the Court.…

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Protecting Your Rights from Illegal Searches and Seizures

If you have ever watched the show COPS you have likely seen the police repeatedly violate the Constitutional rights of individuals. The police routinely and illegally search homes and cars without warrants and interrogate individuals without first providing Miranda warnings.Unfortunately, illegal and unlawful searches and seizures are as common in the real world as they are on TV. Privacy and individual rights…

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