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Police on alert as wrong-way crashes go up

Police are on high alert as wrong-way car crashes increase across the country, including Indiana. The primary cause of these crashes, according to AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety, is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

All you have to do is type “wrong-way car crash” on a search engine, and you will find case after case, all of them in recent days, weeks and months. They have become that commonplace.

These accidents can result in homicide charges

These cases are complex because they often include fatalities. Wrong-way crashes are typically head-on collisions and can impact other vehicles driving nearby. The impact is so fast that nearby drivers cannot hit the brakes and turn or pass the cars. 

When this type of accident happens, if the driver survives and the other driver does not, the individual who was driving against traffic could be charged with homicide. These cases are happening all over the country. One example is a recent accident in Pennsylvania which resulted in one death and the driver facing homicide charges.

These cases are more complex for the defense team

Just this past November, two people were killed in a wrong-way crash, and another person was injured in Crown Point, Indiana. In another Indiana case, three people, including a twelve-year-old girl, were killed last September in a wrong-way car crash. 

These types of accidents are extremely dangerous. Because alcohol and/or drugs are frequently involved, it is critical to note that they can be harder, though not impossible, to defend. Remember that before you get behind the wheel at night, especially if you have been drinking.

Indiana judge rejects reduction of sentence

Earlier this year, a southern Indiana judge rejected a reduced prison sentence of an individual charged in a wrong-way car crash, showing us how the courts may view these accidents and how they could think of wrong-way drivers, particularly if they have been driving under the influence.

Defending criminal cases is what criminal defense attorneys do, but reminding individuals of the potential consequences can help prevent them. Knowing what you could face if you are charged with homicide for a wrong-way crash may serve as a call for precaution.