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Marijuana Users Under Attack in Indiana!

As you probably know, marijuana is still illegal in Indiana. Every day Prosecutors across the State delight in sending marijuana users to jail. Hundreds upon hundreds of hard-working Hoosiers have their permanent criminal histories stained with marijuana convictions. A marijuana conviction can literally ruin your life.

Indiana’s Governor, Legislature, and law enforcement agencies have vehemently opposed marijuana legalization. This, despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of Hoosiers support legalization. A 2018 survey found that 80% of Hoosiers support legalization in some form.

It’s wrong, and it’s not fair. 37 States have legalized marijuana in some form. That means at least 145,000,000 million Americans live in states with marijuana legalization. Further, marijuana sales have produced $10 billion in tax revenue. In turn, that revenue has been used to fund local community groups.

While Americans in most states can consume marijuana without fear of jail, Hoosiers can find themselves behind bars for simply possessing marijuana. Further, law enforcement officers frequently use the odor of marijuana to search people and their cars and homes. Worse, a single positive drug screen for marijuana can send even non-violent probationers to jail for years!

This is pure savagery, and enough is enough! The Law Office of John Alt will vigorously, relentlessly, and unapologetically defend all marijuana-related charges. We will find every error, every mistake, and every weakness in the State’s case. We will unleash our full arsenal of statutory and constitutional defenses.

Some final advice. Take a marijuana or drug case seriously because you can bet the Prosecutor will. You need an experienced lawyer who will fight for you and is not afraid to stand up to the Prosecutor.

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